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Clark County

Clark County
913 Highland, PO Box 488
Ashland, KS 67831-0488

Office: 620-635-2811
Cell: 620-635-0247

Amber Graff: aagraff@ksu.edu


Agriculture, for most people in Clark County is apart of their everyday lives in one way or another. K-State Research & Extension is the best place to get up to date and accurate information on everything agriculture from crops and livestock to land values and business planning.  

Forage Sampling

Testing your forage is very helpful in understanding its market value and nutrients when formulating rations for you animals. By not testing yourforage you are truly just guessing  what you're feeding.

With a test, you are able to know exactly what is being fed to your herd. This will help you create a more productive feeding plan and pinpoint potential issues. If you are needing a forage sample, or are interested in more information about forage sampling contact Mary Chris Barth, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, at (620) 635-2811.

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Wheat Fun Facts! 

Did you know that one bushel of wheat makes 70 one-pound loaves of white bread and 90 one-pound loaves of whole-wheat bread! 🍞
In 2017 (most recent year for the Census of Agriculture) Clark County had 41,716 acres planted to wheat to be used for grain. 🌾
In that same year the average for Clark County was 43.9 bushels per acre!
That means in 2017 our very own Clark County would have produced 128,193,268 one-pound loaves of white bread OR 164,819,916 one-pound loaves of whole-wheat bread!
**In reality, Kansas wheat is used not only for producing flour and making wheat foods. Approximately half of wheat produced in Kansas is exported to other countries and other bushels are used for anything from livestock and aquaculture feed to plastics. This statistical extrapolation, however, attempts to translate the importance of Kansas wheat to our dinner plates based on total volume.**